Aid for Security? Is UK regressing from its ‘moral’ leadership on aid?

“What is very healthy about this government is that DFID is no longer seen as, nor does it see itself as, a sort of giant NGO. It is very much part of the government on the national Security Council. DFID, the Foreign Office and the defence secretaries work incredibly closely together”. David Cameron, Guardian, 21st Feb. 2012 During his last… Read more →

On Education

It’s late at night and I cannot sleep. It is not insomia but a jetlag. Never before have I suffered a jetlag like this time round despite my enormous travels to countries in all continents but one.

Thought of the day

Thought of the day

Very sad news today. Hon.Prof. #Saitoti was killed in a helicopter crash. It  is shocking and sad. Hon. Saitoti served his country for a long period of time. He is indeed an African child who served his continent. I got the opportunity to see the late Hon. Saitoti in Geneva last year. The impression I got was that he was… Read more →