The Magnificent Tanzania…BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

In the last three weeks of August 2012, I was evaluating church hospitals that are located in various parts of the country. As part of data collection I had to visit these hospitals that are mostly located in remote areas. It was kind of a marathon assignment but all the same it awarded me an opportunity to visit and see places in my country that I had never thought of.  I went to Southern regions: Iringa (City, Ilula, and Ilembula) and Mbeya (Rungwe and Matema); Northern parts:  Bumbuli, Arusha (Ngaramtoni and Meru), Manyara, Kataru, Haydom, and Singida; and the Lake Side- Mwanza and Musoma(Bunda). Seeing these places was an amazing and eye opening experience. Never had I appreciated the beauty of my country as I did this time. In all honesty, without much bias, I think Tanzania is one of the naturally most beautiful countries in the world. I have been fortunate to visit and stay in 15 countries located in different continents (North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa) and I am now convinced that, if there were global natural beauty contests for countries, Tanzania would rank very high.

Let me explain why I am saying so… while travelling from Kilimanjaro to Iringa, I passed through and saw a number of natural wonders such as the snowy Mount Kilimanjaro, Mikumi National Park where eyes couldn’t stop admiring elegant giraffes eating leaves of tall tree, antelopes jumping around, and Zebra relaxing. Going further down I couldn’t stop admiring the magnificent Kitonga hills and valleys. They are so striking.  Not long after Kitonga, the twisty Ruaha River starts to get visible. It reminded me of my mom’s evening lessons at home when she would bring a picture of Ruaha to illustrate a meandering river.  So after spending two days in Iringa, we went further down to Mbeya towards Itete and Matema. On the way to Itete the Rungwe hills were another attraction. I was flabbergasted to see a lake located on top of one of the hills. This lake is locally known as Lake Masoko. It is an historically relevant lake. When the British in the First World War defeated the Germans, the Germans decided to throw all the money, guns, and other precious resources they had into that lake. So on the village local markets you can buy souvenirs of old shillings’ coins found in the lake.  The coins are also used to make jewelries.  Our final destination in Mbeya was Matema Beach (Lake Nyasa).  One word I have for Matema Beach is WOW! The beach is virgin, super clean, and the waters are very clear!  I swam my heart out…first for the natural beauty and second for the love of my country, which at the moment is trying to defend its part ownership of the lake.

Going back to Northern regions, we visited Bumbuli in Lushoto. I don’t think I have enough words to describe the beauty of this place. I beg you to visit it so you can see it by yourself.  After that we went straight to Moshi, spent a night somewhere on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The next day we continued to Manyara region… Manyara is a national park with a Lake. We saw a number of animals on the road and the view of the Lake from a designated viewpoint located adjacent to the highway.  We then continued to Karatu, the vibrant upcoming town in the middle of national parks (Manyara and Ngorongoro). Following that it was our trip to Haydom and Singida, whereby we saw Mt. Hanang, which is the 3rd highest mountain in Tanzania. What a beautiful country!!!!

After our Northern trip we flew to Mwanza and then drove to Musoma. Another Wow!!! The view of Lake Victoria and the big strangely shaped stones on top of hills are visible features of Mwanza. On the way to Musoma…you pass through Serengeti National Parks, the World Heritage, which is on one side of the road, and Lake Victoria on the other side of the road!!!! All this is like a dream.

If you’ve followed through this article well…. you can clearly recognize how blessed Tanzania is! National Parks with visible wild animals are located in almost every part of the country. There are lakes, mountains and hills to mention only a few…

So…since Bunda is only 60 kms away from Butiama, the home of the former and first President of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, we decided to visit his home, which is now memorial place with his mausoleum and national museum. To talk about this and the legacy of Mwalimu needs its own article…However, with the immense admiration of my country, I found myself singing Mwalimu’s famous song….

Tanzania, Tanzaniaa…

Nakupenda kwa moyo wote…

Nchi yangu Tanzania…nakupenda  kwa moyo wote…

Nililapo nakuota

Nikamkapo nakuwaza mama weeee…

Tanzania Tanzania….

Nchi yenye mali nyingi!!!…


7 thoughts on “The Magnificent Tanzania…BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  1. AlilyaElla

    Thank you for the nice and detailed article. Tanzania is one of the most beautiful country in the world. However, we need to do more as citizens in a form of giving back to the community. The few who received the light, should bring the light back to the community. More Love! More Power! More Energy….More concentration on social issues. Nakupenda Tanzania!

  2. bahati

    Woooooo Dr Aikande Kwayu, thanks so much for open our eyes , good tips for our beautiful country and attractions ,that will be my next holiday. mungu ibariki Tanzania

    1. Mutt

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  3. Anonymous

    Thank you Bahati….will be looking forward to seeing you in December. Aikande x

  4. Ibraheem Abioye

    Now more tempted to get out of Dar to appreciate the beauty of the country-side.

  5. Isaac

    Thank you. Asante sana. Endelea kutupatia tafakuru nzuri. Tanzânia imebarikiwa sana sio tu mali asili bali watu wake, hasa udugu na ukarimu. Bahati mbaya hizo mbuga wtz hatuzitembelei sanaa, ni mbuga za wageni hasa. Yaani wtz wengi hauijui nchi yetu therefore hatujijui. It z a process, tuendelee kuamsha ari ya kutembea na kuifahamu nchi yetu, yaani tô stimulate utalii wa ndani! Muito obrigado. Xau querida Aikandekwayu! Big up??


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