Thank you for being here.I am here to share about my experience and tell you a bit about my professional life.

My day job is to contribute to solutions in addressing development challenges in Tanzania and across the world. As a political scientist, I do research that contributes to knowledge as well as that which is applied in order to bring about systematic solutions to problems.

The reason for working as a management consultant at Bumaco Ltd. is out of the company’s mission of serving people in management and development. I trust that good management practices can bring about development in rural and urban areas. This is also why Bumaco runs an Insurance Company (Bumaco Insurance Company), which aims at providing solutions to various risks. We understand that insurance, as a risk management tool, is integral to development.

In that light, as a Consultant I do focus on policy and political economy analyses. I combine academic research with consultancy to provide evidence based advice to business companies, banks, government agencies, family enterprises, international organisations, faith groups, NGOs, schools, and start ups.

In this website I share my  CV, peer-reviewed publications and academic and consultancy profile.

On another note, I contributed Op-Eds in the Continent Observer– an independent online news media with focus on Africa.