My day job is to contribute to solutions in addressing development challenges in Tanzania and across the world.  But before, I tell you more about my work, I would like to humbly draw your attention to my recently (March 2020) published book , titled:

Religion and British International Development Policy” .

You can find more details about the book here

And also, our (Prof. Amy Stambach and I) co-authored social biography of Bishop Erasto N. Kweka:

The title of the biography is:

Pragmatic Faith and the Tanzanian Lutheran Church: Bishop Erasto N. Kweka’s Life and Work.”

You can find more details about it and buy here.

Well, as a political scientist, I do research that contributes to knowledge as well as that which is applied in order to bring about systematic solutions to problems.

The reason for working as a management consultant at Bumaco Ltd. is out of the company’s mission of serving people in management and development. I trust that good management practices can bring about development in rural and urban areas. This is also why Bumaco runs  Insurance Companies  – Bumaco Insurance Company – and – Bumaco Life Insurance Company. These companies  aim at providing solutions to various risks in life. We understand that insurance, as a risk management tool, is integral to development.

In that light, as a Consultant I do focus on policy and political economy analyses. I combine academic research with consultancy to provide evidence based advice to business companies, banks, government agencies, family enterprises, international organisations, faith groups, NGOs, schools, and start ups.

In this website I share my  CV, peer-reviewed publications and academic and consultancy profile.

On another note, I write Op-Eds and analyses in various media outlets at home and abroad. Please see some of my contributions in the Continent and  the Conversation .