Thank you for being here !

In addition to hosting my academic and consultancy profiles as well as a general  CV…

In here, we host a Blog and two categories’ pages: Book Reviews and Tanzania: A Candle

In Tanzania: A Candle, I post Series based on the vision that Mwalimu Julius Nyerere had for the country. In 1958, Nyerere envisioned Tanzania as a Candle on Kilimanjaro that will be sending rays of peace, hope, and love within and outside its borders. The sole aim of these series to is to remind Tanzanians of who we are and our continuous role to lead Africa forward.

The posts in the Blog feature selected entries from my personal diaries fondly baptised #DiariesOfKyeku. These entries highlight and give insight on development and research experiences. I ponder over trending issues internationally with an analytical twist unique to my geographic positioning. I frequently revisit personal encounters with diverse and unique people.

In the Book Review, I post reflections on some of the books that I have read. The reviews are not attempts at academic analysis of but personal reflections focusing generally on the content/characters and writing style. My concentration veers toward literature. I target scintillating issues in politics/culture/ethnic histories and all things classic.

On another note, I contribute Op-Eds in the Continent Observer– an independent online news media with focus on Africa.