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Please go to my newly introduced categories’ page #FlashFictions (Attempts) . I encourage comments and feedback. The posts are baby steps in my learning journey towards being a creative writer. I believe my dribbles and drabbles are critical, representative and fun. They feature governance, Politics, socio-cultural affairs in a simple and interesting way.  Let’s work on them together.

In here, I also  host a Blog and another categories’ page: Book Reviews .

In the Blog , I ponder over trending issues internationally with an analytical twist unique to my geographic positioning. I frequently revisit personal encounters with diverse and unique people.

In the Book Review, I post reflections on some of the books that I have read. The reviews are not attempts at academic analysis of but personal reflections focusing generally on the content/characters and writing style. My concentration veers toward literature. I target scintillating issues in politics/culture/ethnic histories and all things classic.

You can also have a look at my CV, peer-reviewed publications and academic and consultancy profile.

On another note, I contributed Op-Eds in the Continent Observer– an independent online news media with focus on Africa.