“It takes a village to educate a child”

In realisation of the above famous African proverbs, I believe you cannot develop by your self.

What gain I have, it’s because of  sacrifices from many people. I am thus obliged to participate towards building and strengthening my community. I do so through:

  • Being active in my home village education development – in particular improvement of school environment (classrooms) and learning.
    • Currently I am mobilizing and marshalling resources for improving learning environment at  Nkwasangare Primary School  and Msufini Secondary School. Both schools are located in my home village – Nshara, Machame North, Hai District Kilimanjaro
  • Community involvement through church and other local institutions
  • Serving in boards such as:
    • Msufini Secondary School – Board Chairperson
    • Harambee Secondary School – Board Chairperson
    • Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary – Board Member
  • Promoting rejuvenation of coffee production and policy improvement in coffee sector through Café Africa Tanzania.
  • Coffee tree in the farm of one super vibrant, proud and excited smallholder farmer in Machame. We need to revive this promising and patriotic crop to its former glory