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#EAC – Reflections on the Community…

Interesting manifestations have happened this week regarding the East African Community. On Monday, 13th, I was lucky to attend a hearing on application of a case against members of EAC on EU/EPA negotiations and signing. The case was heard in the East African Court of Justice by three judges. The table was composed of respondents who were the representatives from all… Read more →

50 years after the #ArushaDeclaration…reflections and an advice to CCM Members of Parliament #Tanzania

In 1967 Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania, announced the Arusha Declaration, a socio-political-economy ideology to guide the country. The Declaration was an independent and critical well thought ideology for a poor, relatively young independent state. It was consistent, coherent, and robust in its argument on self-reliance. Of course, like many ideologies, the Arusha Declaration faced major… Read more →

“…That’s how you directly counter rural poverty”: Reflections on rural poverty and the ‘untapped power’ of rural populations to fight poverty.

Since the beginning of last week I have been in Morogoro at the CCT Women Training Centre to facilitate a workshop on Household Economic Planning and Management. The workshop participants’ are 40 including 26 women and 14 men. Most women participants are from the rural areas

A ‘linguicide’ in progress?

Author: Samwel Ndandala When Ngugi wa Thiongo renounced English, Christianity, his Christian name (he was baptized as James Ngugi) and started writing in his native Gikuyu and Swahili, I thought it was a little extreme given his radical fanonist convictions. I thought it was impractical.

Learning Dinner… A wonderful encounter with Mr. Joseph W. Butiku!!!

Last night my parents invited me to a dinner that they were having with Mr. Joseph W. Butiku- the Executive Director of Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation and also one of the Commissioners of the Constitutional Review Commission.  As you can imagine, I was very happy. It was an opportunity for me to meet this great man- one of our nation’s fathers…. Read more →