…Simple but heartbreaking manifestation of our poor development status and lack of mission – a wake up call for #Tanzania – the need to revisit our mission!

Early this week, the #WorldBank President (WBP), Dr. Kim Jong Kim, visited Tanzania. The main public activity was to launch the construction of a flyover intersection in Dar-es-Salaam city. This event was, unfortunately, overtaken by a side “incidence” in relations to the Dar-es-Salaam Regional Commissioner (RC), who had then been accused (with chains of evidence) of attacking a media house. The President of the United Republic of Tanzania (URTP) took advantage of the timely launching event/platform and rebuked all citizens who has been engaging in discussing the RC issue on the social media. URTP, instead, encouraged the RC to “continue to work hard”.


That was the part of the speech in the main public event that the WBP attended in the country. As Nyerere said way back in 1968 in his Freedom and Development speech that the development of the people is more crucial than material (roads, buildings, etc), the main “development agenda” of launching the flyover did not attract much coverage even in the mainstream newspapers.

magazeti 21March

The whole attention was directed to the URTP expression of the special protection to the RC amidst a very negative context on his side. The social media and Internet, which URTP seemingly does not approve of, became even more vibrant in discussing the RC. It seems that people could not be stopped even with such high orders.

Well, there’s already much discussion going on that particular RC issue with more interesting development on the same. I wouldn’t duplicate them here since they are more fun as they go live on various social media platforms. My interest here is to show the different experience that the WBP encountered  between his visits  to the two countries, Tanzania and Rwanda. This was evident from his tweets…

WBP Tweets on Tanzania’s visit

t1     t2    t3

Tweets from Rwanda visit (immediate days after Tanzania visits)

r1 r2  r3r4

r5r6 r6r8

Those tweets made me sleepless, especially when I thought of the “Industries of the Future”. It is evident that Rwanda is way ahead of its game and that explains how the country is doing very well. There’s a practical mission from her leader who knows how the world functions and how development is achieved in the 21st century. In spite of the fact that Pres. Kagame is known for his iron high hand, he has to be commended for having an effective mission for his country. We have heard of substantial amount of time he puts in reading- in particular the famous Harvard Business Reviews – as well as his listening ear to advisors – such as the author of the Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren. Being informed by such can partly hint the reasons for WBP’s experience difference.

Whereas the WBP was set to engage with youths, private sector, and also IT Hubs in Rwanda, in my country he was made to sit and listen to a speech that was protecting and by default supporting an attack on media as well as Internet. What a difference!

Sadly, since 1960s and 70s, the World Bank has been funding and supporting similar projects of infrastructure (roads, etc) in Tanzania, what a shame 50 years + forward, we are inviting them to do the same? Is this not the question we ought to ask ourselves? We need a change- otherwise we are in circles…circles of poverty and unnecessary show off of power. We need CHANGE.

10 thoughts on “…Simple but heartbreaking manifestation of our poor development status and lack of mission – a wake up call for #Tanzania – the need to revisit our mission!

  1. Francis Callystus Nyoni

    It is very unfortunate that all we could offer him is a seat and such speech that had sent most Tanzanians to a great discontent. I think Rwanda is now far ahead of us in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  2. LGFumbuka

    While I can follow the need for for change (who doesn’t?), I get lost when I try to sync Rwanda’s millennium goals with the unfortunate incident at the ceremony. The fact that WBP would have next gone to Loyola High School to speak with budding nerds is a great idea but how does it relate the URTP’s speech in defence of the RC? I doubt if WBP has opened a similar project in Rwanda but I hear nobody giving kudos to URTP for the magic flyover. We are here faced by the age-old adage that the fence is always greener on the neighbour’s side of the hedge. I personally would like to charge the RC with terrorism but I don’t see how Rwanda comes into this at all, just as our bridge has nothing to do with Md. Ingabire.

  3. Kasoro Shujahaa

    Heartbreaking, it is what it is. When your leaders can’t Voice out the achievements and sweat/blood of its people then we all look like a bunch of “simpleton” without aspiration or direction. It’s like a drunken father who has geniuses for children and all he does is ridicule them into psychotic breakdown and a dysfunctional life ahead.

    Rome is the Mob, control the mob you control Rome. The educated have failed those that have entrusted them to lead them out of poverty. We are fixated in likes and thumbs up from social media and the number of people that are falling us. We all want to be celebrities online forgetting our core values and professionalism. before kissing our loved ones and calling those far away we quickly turn to our phones charging under our pillows to check the latest updates online.

    Buy all the Telcom IPOs because it is the only secure investment left as social media in Tanzania is more addictive than any drug sold legally or illegally.

  4. Aika

    A vey good read Aikande.
    I think our country needs to strategize before embarking on these development initiatives. Without proper strategies, we run the risk of embarking on development iniatiatives are not of priority to a growing nation such as ours.


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  6. Anonymous

    Nashangaa sana. Tena nashangaa. Mwacheni rais wetu ajenge nchi. Majungu na ujinga wenu ndio unawapa muda wa kuandika. Ukiona vyaelea vimeundwa. Acheni majungu.

  7. Babealoy

    Does it mean that Tanzanians can not see economic relationship in the ubungo flyover? Then i will blame tanzanian system of education.. it is just simple economy.. of arteries and veins that supply blood in the body.

  8. Babealoy

    Any person who is not busy in mind tends to waste time with simple discussions on the streets. We want to hear about gas of helium, the new rail to mwanza. We want to hear the transfere of governmental activities to dodoma.. which will reduce the number of most people going to dar and staying idle. We want to see the former sisal plantations taken and turned into productive assets and create money to both government and people. We want people stsying in well planned villages and good houses and mud huts. We want to see peole having water, power, good health systems, sound education system. We can’t stay complain about Nape and Makonda whose life is wrantted by good salary, health insurence and their children will never attend kayumba sec schools. Now this is part of justice and human rights.

  9. Aviti

    Furor following what the president portends to do, in implementing his duties, by reacting, instead of measured responses. Smart president would have ignored commenting/mentioning online posts, articles, and conversations, if s/he wanted to show how strong s/he is. Unfortunately, as it played out, the president was all for fury and intimidation of the media and citizens, and for those of us, who are easy prey to such populist leaders, applaud and think that critics are stupid, that the act of a government official (RC PCM aka Bashite) of storming into a TV station in the night, flanked with heavily armed police officers, or of that of a fired cabinet minister/MP (NMN) being harassed in public by a gun totting person (a purported police officer), is just a normal incident, which warrants no discussion or mention by the media. Such simpletons, like those running the government for most part, fail to see any reason for a free press and media. For them they want a place like North Korea or Russia, where the president controls all manner of communication, and thinking or doing otherwise is an invitation of harassment and punishment. But, they fail to see that, when people are free to speak, they feel safe and they can focus on development issues. Besides, where is that information about development that is not covered by the media? Why is the president so keen to attack media, imitating POTUS Trump? It begs the other question, what is he hiding, that he fears people will uncover through free press and media?

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