#Africa is indeed rising – #Zimbabwe, #Kenya

The peaceful removal and the end of a 37 years of Robert Mugabe regime, is the sign of the biggest step Africa has made on its own!

In 2011, the Arab Spring in North Africa claimed lives and total destruction of institutions and systems including the physical infrastructure to remove dictators. Many wished, out of desperation, that youths of Sub-Saharan Africa could get the guts and do the same to remove dictators- the main one being Mugabe.

Akhaa!! In 6 years time, the oldest dictator in Sub-Saharan Africa has been removed. In peace. No single life has been claimed in this process of removal. Bravo to all Zimbabweans!!!

You have made Sub-Saharan Africa proud. Thank you!

But Zimbabwe is not the only sign. See what happened to #Kenya following the disagreements on the August 2017 general elections. The matter was taken to the court. The court decided the elections were not fair and free. Nullified the results. Kenyans accepted and they went on into another elections. Peacefully.

Following the second elections in October 2017, there were other disagreements – the courts were trusted again- and they have, by and large, resolved the matter – despite a few “left overs” causing issues- that I believe they will be solved through similar peaceful means.

For African Political Scientists and Scholars of International Relations, this makes us proud. Our modern African history was tainted with coups and military dictatorship. Now, the Zimbabwe military has shown us the true role of a military- facilitation of peaceful transition and regime change.

Indeed, am reminded of phrase: “the stone that was rejected by the builders, has become the cornerstone”. Zimbabwe- a country that had become a disguise and a reminder of the dark face of Africa- has become an example for the rest of us, and a sign of Africa Rising!

4 thoughts on “#Africa is indeed rising – #Zimbabwe, #Kenya

  1. Alilya Clement

    This is truly an Amazing Grace for Mugabe to leave peaceful, it is also a seed to other leaders who want to hang on presidential office beyond their given time. Mugabe as a big brother, has set an example for the remained three. May they be fast learner in Jesus Name! May Africa rise and give God Glory! May we see and become the change that we were destined for as a continent and individual.

    Thank you Dr. Aikande for brilliant analysis.

  2. Theobald Rwamugira

    Dr.Aikande, I really agree with you in regard to different models used by different parts in Africa that is Sub-saharan Africa regions (Zimbabwe & Kenya) and North Africa.

    Totally North Africa model is still worse compared to the Sub-Saharan Africa model is Zimbabweans and kenyans used cause in most of countries such Libya the model used did more harm than good.

  3. Timothy

    Rule of law and Zimbabwe peaceful transition.
    Zimbabwe is passing through a big legal challenge despite the fact that it has been declared peaceful by many political activists.
    The recent acquisition of power through what people claim is a peaceful transition has drawn my attention to scrutinize twice and ask my self if people really understand the legality of that transition.
    I am one of those who care so much about peace but I am also concerned about the legality of the action even if it looks peaceful in the eyes of many. In understanding the legality and correctness of the Zimbabwe peaceful transition, one main issue should be determined.

    Whether the transition is not a coup d’etat.

    According to English Oxford Dictionary ,the definition of coup means “a sudden ,violent and illegal seizure of power from a government”.

    With a careful look at a Zimbabwe transition, it is logical to say that the transition is sudden and illegal seizure of power with absence of violence . Therefore I am of the view that the new government in Zimbabwe has got into power by coup d’etat.

    The reason why many people including the Zimbabwe army call it a peaceful transition is to avoid direct negative impact of the word coup d’etate.
    The government that is established by coup finds it difficult to gain legitimacy.
    What has happened in Zimbabwe in legal perspectives is doing the wrong thing in a right way,the wrong act in the sense that it lacks force of law and the right way in the sense that it has been conducted in a peaceful manner. Absence of violence does not make the commission of an offence lawful. Rule of law must be reflected in the governments that aspire to be more civilized and developed. Aristotle, an ancient philosopher said ” Law should govern” a government by law is superior to government by man.
    Timothy Massawe

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