On Grace! & how it frees us from societal locks #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle

“There is no such thing as society” is increasingly becoming one of my favourite quotes. Margaret Thatcher was heavily criticised for saying so. I understand her. Society locks people. It keeps people in a frame and expects them to operate within that frame. It restricts freedom.

How does it do so? Through norms, ideals, and expected behaviours. Through identification of accepted standards, etc etc.

It frustrates me.

But am so happy to realise (through my daily Bible reading) how Grace frees us from these societal locks. The Bible- from the beginning to the end- shows us how God is never bound in a certain frame. His grace allows him to save every single person and to give each a chance and more chances after many failures and downfalls… my next post on this page will illustrate that with examples from the Bible.

Let me give you a hint – Jesus Christ was born out of a wedlock- Mary had not been married yet. Why do you think God decided not to bring his son Jesus on a “perfect” family set up? Yet the society is here blaming single moms…

Well, Today – I’ve seen one manifestation of grace – Prince Harry engages Meghan Markle!

So how does this engagement manifest grace?

Ms. Markle is a divorced woman, mixed race (so she’s black),  and 36 years old (2 years older than Prince Harry).  The “ideal” societal norms would say she’s not fit to be the Prince’s fiancè leave alone being the wife- and future Duchess of Sussex.  The societal norms are disrupted today.  Grace disrupts these constructed frames. Ms. Markle portrays grace and she’s full of it.

I’m glad that Prince Harry has acted frameless. Frameless from what the societal would like him to be.

We’ve many other examples of frameless women full of grace – such as the current  first ladies of  France and the USA – in light of how they have disrupted the societal ideals.  This page will be bringing to you various manifestation of grace from the real examples.

So my point is – God’s purpose to human beings is to free them- to give them life, life in its fullness. That’s why he forgives us. But the society judges us. Don’t be locked into those societal judgements. Look high and be free…

I repeat- be confident and live – remember there’s no such thing as a society. Society is a construction not natural.

One thought on “On Grace! & how it frees us from societal locks #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle

  1. Wangari

    I do see how the lives of these three women can positively disrupt societal ideals, however I don’t view these relationships & been divinely brought about but instead view them as very human & secular. However the positive impacts still stand.


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