…we are matching – as #Tanzania faces the establishment

“…each of the persons…believed they were acting appropriately, but, taken together, their acts produced misfortune on a continental scale” – Yanis Varoufakis, Adults in the Room (2017), p.2

After reading Udadisi critical article amidst my measured reading of “Adults in the Room” by Yanis Varoufakis, I feel obliged to contribute towards psychological preparation of a possible image destruction war against our country-Tanzania- from the hegemonic forces.

Trade is War- Prof. Yash Tandon warns us. Seemingly, our President- Dr. John Magufuli- understands this reality more than most of us. He has, unashamedly, confronted the propagators of unfair deals of our national resources in the country. The recent reference being the Acacia Mining PLC saga.


I’ve noticed the international media houses reactions to these developments/actions by the President. Already some of them that have covered the issue are so far biased, one-sided, and unfair to Tanzania and to the President in particular. See for example, the Financial Times articlesome negative reactions to the mining law amendments (which has given more power to the country towards controlling its resources) and  then this , which has recently been published by (UNFORTUNATELY) the Guardian (UK) – a daily that “hypocritically” portrays itself as an internationalist and development friendly paper.

In chapter 7 of the Adults in the Room, Yanis narrates different encounters with the so called “left” but who change faster than a chameleon in the face of the establishment – in his case the EU and in particular the Germans. In the introductory chapters, Yanis smartly provided the context through which we can understand how these hegemonic forces (aka the Establishment – or networks of power) enhances their power through the control of information. He also explains how individuals are trapped in their own devices even if they know the truth.

I have a feeling that some of those authors as well as media houses know the truth, however they are trapped. Trapped in their own devices- of the “Western Civilization” of which anything originated or hacked by it and that which helps to perpetuate its hegemonic forces – such as unfair trade deals- is pushed forward as ideal. If one challenges it, he becomes a candidate of being portrayed as backward, undemocratic, and unfamiliar with business concepts. Due to their complex web as well as supporting compradors – they are often successful in diminishing the challenge. Such is accompanied by threats- both economic and at times security. This is exactly what happened to Yanis- as he presented a strong challenge to the establishment- the EU- in support of the weak Greece – he faced enormous threats including his own security and image as a tested academic.

Now, as we move on to negotiations with Barrick Gold regarding the Acacia Mining  issue- our country’s negotiation team of representatives need to possess the following:

  • Confidence
  • Evidence
  • National interest – dignity, economic interests, etc
  • Business eye more than political view
  • Transparency- keep the citizens on board and updated
  • Collectivity- respect and weigh opinions and arguments from different stakeholders in the country to strengthen its position as a national team and not merely a political group

Our media houses need to be carrying out research and provide balanced critical narrations and analyses of the ongoing process. This will help to counter any international media that is meant to undermine our team.

Finally, we citizens need to be supportive to our country’s efforts- not in the sense of “Ndio  Mzee” but through provision of critical feedback/reaction with an aim to win and develop our country.

Our pledge to the President is to ensure that citizens are updated and their opinions are considered by the team.

3 thoughts on “…we are matching – as #Tanzania faces the establishment

  1. Dr. A. Massawe

    I also consider the new mineral laws are very counterproductive because the power they give the Tanzanian Government to tear up and renegotiate mining contracts, partially nationalize mining companies, introduce higher royalties, enforce local beneficiation of minerals and bring in strict local-content requirements, as well as the denying of the rights of mining companies to seek international arbitration and relief in the event of a dispute with the Government is going to compromise the attractiveness of the country for investments in its minerals and energy sector due to the unpredictable conditions of operating environment they create, and the immediate increase of royalties from 4% to 6% makes the country the most expensive to mine in.

    Progressive new mineral laws would create conducive environment for local-foreign joint ventures (in which Tanzanians are the majority shareholders to lead the development and exploitation of mineral resources in the country. They would required the owner-ships of exploration licences and provision of services and supplies to the mining sector to be in the hands of joint ventures in which Tanzanians are the majority shareholders, hence ensure most of the mineral taxes come from Tanzanians in the minerals sector. They would also deploy standard mineral development and exploitation agreements between Government and the joint ventures which mean the operating environment is highly predictable and would always be one of the cheapest in the world to operate in. That is, deployment of predictable operating environment which is one of the most attractive for the mineral investments which would operate through joint ventures in which Tanzanians are the main shareholders is what the new mineral Laws of Tаnzаniа should served.

    Simply because nations benefit more from the profits low taxes paying joint ventures in which Tanzanians are the majority shareholders generate and retain in the country than from the profits high taxes paying foreign investors who go it alone in the mineral sector of the country generate and send out of the country.

  2. Masumbuko

    Dear Aikande,

    Thank you for this.

    I think at the end of the day what we all need is truth. Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.”

    We would be ignorant to forget:
    1) Acacia are a profit maximising international corporation currently obeying laws of the land. Laws which our parliament and previous GOT presidents authorised.
    2) His Excellency Dr JP Magufuli is a politician in charge of a political party. This party got 58% of the vote in 2015 – the lowest ever in the countries history.
    3) There are different interpretations which vary depending on motives.

    We pray our President will do as Chambi asks and releas the full report. Then we shall know the truth. After all, “it is For it is for freedom that we have been set free.”

    God bless, and congratulations on the appointment by the President on to the board of Ngorongoro Authority.


    Tumaini Masumbuko

  3. Dr. A. Massawe

    Mаsumbuko, Chаmbi,

    What for advising the President to release the total contents of the two presidential reports which generated from the presidential re-sampling of very limited number of 40 containers of gold-silver –copper concentrates, whose results are not legally binding as they are rejectаble by party/parties in the in the matter, and technically unbelievable where it is claimed they show the mineral potentials of the mines sourcing the concentrates are more than ten times higher than they are known to be to all in the world?!


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