Series 6 #ElectionsInTanzania2015 STOP Criticizing, instead GET UP and PARTICIPATE on the basis of “…fear of being ruled by a lesser” – Plato

I agree with and encourage the culture of being critical to our political parties, rulers, politicians, and aspiring politicians. It is a good practice and should be nurtured in any democracy.

But I must admit that I abhor the practice of carrying out personal attacks to politicians or people who are aspiring to a certain public office. Most people will personally attack such people due to their life history, characters, values, etc. It is ok but not right (if I can paraphrase Whitney Houston …lol). Not right in the sense that everyone has a right to pick up the forms and join in the race through a political party of his/her own choice. So it’s ok to be critical but ending there is not right because we have chances to do more than talking…i.e. to participate in the process.

As the CCM Presidential candidate nomination process…or is it a “show” is about to end, the “yellow lights” are on for the parliamentary race and some have started to state their intention to run. Of those, some are “unexpected” politicians and have been, implicitly, portrayed as “lesser” in the eyes of the public. Similar feelings are felt in the CCM Presidential nomination candidates – a number of them have been described by the public as “lessers”. But let’s think why are we having those that we think are “lessers” joining in? Is it because we have been allowing our public offices to be of a “less” category? Why for examples, are we not having many of those “lessers” wanting to join in other professions? Why is political career in Tanzania seems to be an easy one to reach? Are we citizens ok with this situation?

The only way to avoid a “lesser” and perceived “less” public offices is to join in and participate…if you think you are not a “lesser” yourself.

Participate. But what is to Participate? What does it entail? There are many ways. Not only in picking forms but also in… (fill in the blank)

So think of how you can EFFECTIVELY participate without being personal. Participate in ways that will help to remove “lessers” and ensure that we are having Philosopher Kings. Philosopher Kings with Philosophy. (Remember Jenerali Ulimwengu said, many want to be Philosopher Kings without Philosophy). Let’s ask about their philosophy. Interrogate their philosophy. Thoroughly. Look at their philosophy in how they have lived, how they have acted, what they have said, what they have done, what they are promising, etc.

For me, I am participating through prayers…and occasional series in this blog on reminding us to focus on the philosophy! Plus my #Diary!

#Participate. #Philosophy

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