Power and International Relations – my brief/loud/raw reflections on #SDGs:

Every time, am trying to make my mind “nice” on #SDGs especially since the Pope was in the launch as well as their mentioning of inequality, responsible consumerism, and institutions…I can’t settle on the fact that the presidents of the two most economic powerful countries – USA and China- were carrying out their bilateral functions (Xi was having a state visit in the USA) during the same time when the UN and the rest of the world leaders were launching #SDGs. This means the media and citizens of the most powerful countries that are crucial in ensuring the goals are met were not very much attentive to the goals but to the crucial bilateral meetings of their leaders, which they are very aware of their impact to their domestic economics.

 I think, that was snobbery to what is going to drive the international community “agenda” in the next 15 years. (Mind you I’ve reservations on what composes the “international community” – a topic for another time) It is, however, a lesson of the crude world of international politics. I want to remind my fellow citizens and leaders of the “underdeveloped” countries to focus on building our economies at domestic levels and strengthen our muscles…


Anyways, I will end here for now until I refine my thoughts further.

2 thoughts on “Power and International Relations – my brief/loud/raw reflections on #SDGs:

  1. Seppy Nyang'oro

    I’ll like to see you making a case as to why you think SDG is beneficial to China and USA. And argue against the ‘lost opportunity’ that Xi and Obama let slip by off fingers by abstaining from the conference


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