I was wrong: … Unexpected Results in the UK #GE2015!

I admit that I was wrong to think that, due to polls, Labour will do well to be able to form a government- a coalition led by them. I based my analysis on the polls to the extent that I blogged on “Goodbye Two-Party System” in UK.

Well, I read from Axelrod’s Believer that election is about polls and press. Hence, I was very confident that polls were right as they kept coming. But I ignored the press. A big mistake. I wish I had put a balanced focus to look at the press too. If I had done so, I could have noted and taken it seriously. In particular, after when Axelrod said about the aggressiveness of the right wing press in the UK. He actually thought it was more aggressive than the Fox News in the USA.

On the other side, elections in 2015 have been full of surprises…Israel, for example….and we keep seeing very interesting results all over –Greece, Nigeria…

Well, as Zitto Kabwe said, ‘the English have spoken’ – indeed they have. And it’s their democratic right to choose whom they see fit. Wishing David Cameron all the best in his second tenure.

Now praying for an interest to keenly follow on the coming elections in my country…in fact, while challenging me that the game in the UK is still a two-party system, Prof. Kitila Mkumbo went on and talked about the lessons for Tanzania especially on the “marriage”…in which he said ‘in the UK the “marriage” happens after the results’…uugh and in our country?….anyways, I will end here although I wish that I had spoken to Prof. Kitila before writing down my analysis as I could have probably checked my conclusion further…

Well, a point of consolation…next time I teach about the “Methods of Agreement”, I can use the comparative example of USA and UK’s Effective Two Party System”.

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