Random thoughts on the British Politics – #Brexit #ToryLeadership #Labour #Corbyn

In the last few days political drama scenes have been unfolding in British politics. I think it’s a manifestation of incremental societal and political forces that have been in charge underground. Brexit is also a manifestation of these forces as opposed to being considered as the cause. Nevertheless, Brexit was a critical juncture that triggered what is currently unfolding on the British political sphere.

From an outsider view and only as an observer, I have a few observations…and probably recommendations…wololololo (those who have ears, I beg you to listen)

First: On the #Labour: I think the party is doing mistakes that may (and it looks like) cost its probability of winning the coming elections to replace Cameron as a Prime Minister (PM). The party, instead of focusing on the general campaign selling its policies and ability to govern, it has got itself into unnecessary leadership contest that is not needed at this critical point. Given that the party did not have to change leadership in this period, I think it had a competitive advantage of time- to campaign for Corby as the next PM rather than tarnishing him whilst knowing that he will most likely emerge as a victor in their leadership contestation. The momentum campaign cannot be ignored for 2 aspects:

  • The investment put (social mobilization) and the widespread support it has gained makes Corbyn a force to reckon with.
  • It provides a “new kind of politics”, which seems to resonate with the new political trend- that is not mainstream politics. Apparently, the world is turning to a different kind of politics that challenges the ‘ideal’ politics that has been institutionalized in our minds. Depending on different analyses and view points- such politics (both in the right and left- including Alexis of Greece and Trump of USA ) may be termed as politics of authenticity or politics of dystopia. Whatever the case, the point here is – this “new” type of politics is proliferating and cannot be ignored.

Second: On the #ToryLeadership: I feel like the dropping out of #Boris is somehow a blow against #Trump. I do not know why, I cannot explain it- that’s why I call it a feeling. Well, let’s see between #Gove and #May. I don’t have much knowledge to say who is better or worse. For this I will wait unless if I was a blind feminist- which am gladly not.

Ok, enough for now- at least I can freely still blog about British politics – as on “where really touches my heart”- I’ve decided to stay silent (for now), reflect and pray.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts on the British Politics – #Brexit #ToryLeadership #Labour #Corbyn

  1. Amy

    Thank you for these insights, Aikande. I especially appreciate your open reflections on the electoral system. The highest form of praise is a strong critique.

  2. Reginaido Alfred

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