On listening (hacking) to individual’s communications…phones & emails….#Tanzania

Yesterday a thought stroke hard through my mind after my brother asked me, is interfering private communications in Tanzania legal??… I have since been wondering why, is it ‘normal’ or even something to be ‘proud of ‘that some ‘credible’ institutions in the country have hacked citizens’ private communications? Like listening to their phone-calls, hacking text messages, and email exchanges?

Of late we have come to appreciate ‘privacy’ and know how it is a respected human right that should be protected by all means. The Snowden saga in the USA and also the Murdoch issue in the UK have boldly underlined the gravity of protecting individual privacy.

 It is very disappointing when a credible institution boasts shamelessly that they have had access to individual communication, in fact, for shabby purposes.

I am wondering where are the human rights activists who should remind the government and relevant departments that interfering into people’s private communication, for the purposes that are not of national security, is wrong and should be treated as crime.

 For example, when a fabricated story is made with false evidence that phone conversations were listened, text messages and emails read, etc…. how do we, as Tanzania, take such? First the stories are fabricated, as if that is not adequately immoral, the authors boast of the use of illegal means to obtain ‘evidence’.  Is our discussion critical enough? Why are we not asking these questions?

There are more questions that need to be asked in the evolving daily politics in Tanzania…I will reserve others for another post!

2 thoughts on “On listening (hacking) to individual’s communications…phones & emails….#Tanzania

  1. Francisca Ochieng

    … is there low holding people accountable for fabricating stories in Tanzania ..

    1. Aikande

      I am not sure if there is…but even if there is, it is not properly executed…people fabricate stories as they want.


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