Let’s all go to #GOMBE National Park #Tanzania

It is where the dense forest on various hills habited by chimpanzees meets the deepest lake in Africa, and the second deepest in the entire world. #Gombe national park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika is one other unexplainable marvellous place in Tanzania.

Indeed, my trust that Tanzania is the most conserved hence most beautiful country in the world is further embedded. Tanzania- a country that was envisioned by its founder-Mwalimu Nyerere- as a #CandleOnKilimanjaro- possesses most beautiful natural places in the world including Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. Apart from these known ones, there are many other precious and super super beautiful and amazing places that are less known. Today, I’m talking about one of them – Gombe!


On Saturday 9th December – on the independence day- I spent my day in Gombe. My journey started in Kigoma town where we boarded Tanapa (Tanzania National Parks) boat. We cruised for two hours to get to Gombe (depending on your budget, there’s an option of speed boat, which takes much less time- or passengers boat, which takes longer about 4 hrs). The boat ride was already an amazing fun. Lake Tanganyika is tranquil – remember it holds 18% of the world’s fresh water. The cruise passes through various villages on the shore with beautiful scenery. You get to feel the culture, especially on the evening when young and energetic boys are rowing their many boats ready for fishing expeditions. The cruise offers a view of sunrise and sunset   in the morning and evening, respectively.

Following the villages- you get into a part, where the national park starts and you notice the difference with a dense forest- a tropical rainforest on top of alternating hills with perfectly naturally lawn/green lands on top. The park has – on beach front- all facilities- reception, lodge (including tented lodge), restaurant, and a welcoming office with wifi.


When you start hiking, however, it gets 100% natural with tight/deep equatorial tropical rainforest. The hiking is so fulfilling and stress relieving. The chimpanzees are in their natural habitat and your presence does not disturb them. #Gombe has hundreds of them – a sign of successful conservation efforts given that they are endangered species.

Jane Goodall did a lot of research in Gombe, there is still lots of her “footprints” on the forest- for example- her feeding station. There is still an ongoing research by her institute. Thus, Gombe is also an international research centre for chimpanzee. There’s also a peak on one of the hills known as Jane’s pick.

Other astounding features in the park including refreshing full of pressure water falls.

The view of the lake from the hills is close to none of the scenery you’ve ever seen- it is as if you are looking at the sky on the ground!

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