… in the final analysis it’s a “psychological reaction”!…a leak from my diary on #January Makamba’s announcement to run for presidency…

Well, lemi leak something from #TheDiaryOfAMadPartyGirl…and post it here.

In my first week of research work in Paris, I’ve found myself overwhelmed with a lot…but so far so good! I love the research I’m doing and everybody has been wonderful. My hosts here are excellent family that only God will pay what they are due!! #Blessings! Family and friends back home have been sending lots of love and encouragement. I thank God for this opportunity and everything….

With that, I’ve not been able to follow up (closely) what’s been happening back home, but going through tweets while on metro, I’ve noticed interesting developments in terms of politics. The major one, which I happened to see the day after, was that January Makamba publicly announced his intention to run for presidency next year. I respect his will, decision, and strength.  To be very honest, when I saw this I smiled…then exclaimed! “So I met the person who is potentially my President next year”. I was graced to meet January on the plane last week Sunday. I was impressed by how nice and humble he is. We spoke. I could tell he is wise and a down to earth person. I’ve many a time admired how he presents himself to people in different contexts. All things aside, I think January has great PR. He is very well “toned”, if I may use the term. He must have been brought up well with good socialization, and proper training suitable for the 21st Century world. Saying this does not mean anything with regards to my political stance…am still praying and waiting before I can say who I will support for the 2015 presidency…(if I won’t be indifferent, which I am praying against).

Well, his “coming out”, caused a roar in social media. The Citizen rightly reported tweeter’s reaction to his announcement.

As I was going through my TL full of tweets on this issue, I also noticed another development or, to be more straight, attempts to introduce other topics in twitter to supposedly distract attention from January…my “wicked” academic oriented mind kept telling me this is nothing else than a psychological reaction to January’s announcement. It is evident that some people are disturbed! It’s ok to be so…because ambitions clash and interests are to be protected…but there’s also a sense of confusions, lack of confidence (hidden), and pride!

In #TheDiaryOfAMadPartyGirl I put a fully fledged harsh presentation of the above… and hopefully, as I’ve said before, I will one day publish these diaries….so if I am alive in the next, at least 10 years to come, (on the condition that I’ll be a Professor then – by God’s grace!), I will make these diaries public…and I think by then they will be brief personal accounts of contemporary “history” of politics in TZ.

Well, I must say people should relax! January has announced his intention…and if you want or are planning to challenge him…just relax and plan as well, and wait for your turn when you can announce (if the gods allow…pain)…may be the gods are with January on many aspects…including natural ones…so let’s relax!!

So guys should stop jumping on issues or looking for issues to ride on while swallowing bitter pills! Psychological reaction is vivid here!…and there’s a need for a better PR because there’s lots of mixing that makes things worse or…laughable at best!

 Well to cut long story short, I want to ask Tanzanians to stop getting hysterical with one-off event and focus on long-term issues of the country. We need to be sober, calm, and objectively look into issues pertaining next year’s elections and most important for the Constitutional Review Process.

 As for me, I am praying and waiting…come 2015, I believe the Holy Spirit will have shown my heart who to support, pray for, and vote! For now, I deal with Isaiah 40:31 plus a couple of other verses!

One thought on “… in the final analysis it’s a “psychological reaction”!…a leak from my diary on #January Makamba’s announcement to run for presidency…

  1. clara

    OMG! 2015 is definitely going to be the craziest presidential campaign for Tanzania. January’s announcement had my jaw drop. I always said I see January as my president someday (I imagined he’d run 10 years from now) 2015?!!! It feels too soon. But, I don’t see any other potential candidate yet. So, Yes! #TeamJanuaryMakamba it is!


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