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The space was created. Created to please foreigners. It was loved. Loved as an image more than what it was. The image contributed to the “darling” title. Ironic. The same space was perceived as an obstruction in the inside. So beautiful image outside yet “ugly obstruction” inside. The space was, above all, an address. It held the many among the King’s subjects. It was, also, an address that Kings could always refer to. Good times and in bad times. At one time, a new King was enthroned. Just like the way the new Pharaoh did not know about the history neither the importance of the Israelites, so was the lack of discernment on the side of the new King. He hated the space. He only focused on the perceived “obstruction”. He fought the space. Forgot about the image. Nor did he remember of the address. He removed the space.  Chaos.  When reconciliation was needed, the new King had no address to send letters of reconciliation to. The new chaotic space had no address.  The end was doomed. Didn’t we knew that the King’s survival was  also dependent on the space?   So the King  fell down.


Reflections on the Kingdom had , on the increase, brought sadness. The King was turning evil. Everyday. Like the former morning star he likened himself to God. Wanting more authority even beyond the earth. Boasting of his future positions in heaven.  The King’s advisors kept lying to him. With praises, they misinterpreted Machiavelli’s “better to be feared than to be loved” to him. Ooh the King expanded his muscles.  The muscles responded. They widened and hardened to the point of breaking all codes. Written and unwritten. What a critical juncture! A critical juncture that became a window of opportunity for another more powerful juncture.  The juncture that opened the door for a Saviour. Like Moses, she had a stutter. Like Rahab, she was described as prostitute. Like Mary-the Mother of Christ, she was a single mother in a young age.  Like those characters she became a saviour. Even with enormous Bible examples, she was still  a Bohemian Saviour.