A pleasant letter to your heart… #DiariesOfKyeku Inspirations…

This morning, as part of my daily devotion, I read chapter 3 of Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. I read it in a hurry because I overslept but when I finished, I decided to re read it. Then I reflected on it while taking a shower and on my way to the office.

Well, Paul told the Corinthians that they were letters written in his heart that is made of flesh. I kept wondering the irony of that sweetness from Paul given the wicked context of the church in Corinth at that time.

So, I concluded…with all our imperfections, weaknesses, sins, etc…we can still be pleasing letters to peoples’ heart. We are not perfect beings, but the goodness that is inbuilt in every one of us (because we were created in God’s image) can be nurtured and send hope, love, and joy into the lives of people we interact with.

As for me, I wish and pray to be a pleasant letter to your heart…the vulnerable, flexible, fragile heart…because it’s made by flesh…

Do you allow me?

2 thoughts on “A pleasant letter to your heart… #DiariesOfKyeku Inspirations…

  1. Anonymous

    Yes Dr. Aikande, I do! Thank you for a pleasant letter. It is inspiring. God bless you.


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