Global Counterterrorism Forum:How come there is no any member from the Horn or Eastern region of Africa

I came across the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) in the State Department website @ and my first question was ‘how come I can’t see Kenya or Ethiopia’?

But why is this question important?

Since the UN declared famine crisis in Somalia in 2011, a terrorist group, Al Shabaab,  started to get more attention from the international media and scholars. This group cannot be ignored. It is an Al Qaida affiliate and its mandate is apparently beyond Somalia. Its recruitment strategy is international and they also use social media such as twitter (tweeting in English). The Kenyan troops went into Somalia for the purpose of fighting this group.  The AU forces, with support from the West, are also in Somalia fighting this group.(see

So I am just wondering why is Kenya or Ethiopia not included in this forum…?

Please comment….

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  1. Kalenga
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    They are not included because its not their interest its interest of the west. They will only be used as a tool to accomplish western interest

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