Nkwansangare Project

nkwasangare project

Please click the file above to see details on how you can help build Nkwasangare. Nkwasangare  is a primary school in my home village. The school’s classrooms are not conducive for learning and they are also a threat to children’s health and safety.

We are now construction a classrooms building where children can learn and study in a suitable environment that is crucial for their learning and future development.

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  1. AlilyaElla
    AlilyaElla at | | Reply

    Thank you Dr. Aikande!

    If you can please provide us with a funding Bank Account, will be more convenient. As well please contact Alex Unzi, while in Geneva (contact will be placed on ur twitter inbox) regarding this project. Thanks and keep us informed. I am where you are!bless you

  2. Aikande Kwayu
    Aikande Kwayu at | | Reply

    Thank you AlilyaElla, if you need to transfer your support through bank account, I will give you more information inbox. Thanks and God bless. Aikande

  3. Anney Semu
    Anney Semu at | | Reply

    This is great I once pleg Tshs 50,000.00 just give us the MPESA number tuchangie

    1. Anonymous
      Anonymous at | | Reply

      Asante sanaa…nimekuandikia details zaidi facebook

  4. Dorothy Semu-Nkiligi
    Dorothy Semu-Nkiligi at | | Reply

    Hongera Aikande. Nitachangia mwisho wa mwezi. Natoa ahadi ya elfu thelathini.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Asante sanaaa, nimekuandikia details facebook. Mungu akubariki sana. Aikande

    1. Sir William
      Sir William at | | Reply

      Nimepanda na vile vyumba kimoja kimoja mpaka nikavimaliza.Vingine vililiwa na mchwa vikaanguka na vingine vinazalisha funza.Wengi tupo na tunaishi leo kutokana na madarasa yale ndiyo yalikuwa ngazi za kupandia .Inabidi tufanye kitu- tuchangie.Nachangia 30,000/-

      1. Mitro
        Mitro at | | Reply

        Would you happen to have any famliy photo’s that were taken in Sterling that you would be willing to share? I live in Sterling and am interested in the history. Any photo’s that also include buildings are of interest.I remember your Aunt Francis and Uncle Dugan and Butch, they lived down the road from me when I was growing up.

  6. Toyin
    Toyin at | | Reply

    This is wonderful, ‘m so proud of you!

  7. Tegemea Emmanuel
    Tegemea Emmanuel at | | Reply

    I appreciate ur initiative sister, may GOD Himself bless you! uwekwe basi utaratibu formal wa kuchangia ili nami nichangie shule yangu pendwa ya UROU (Ughou). Imetupasa kiuchangia shule yetu, na hii itadhihirisha how much wasomi we are!

  8. Peter M
    Peter M at | | Reply

    Aika, hii nimeipenda…tupo pamoja. Nachangia 50,000 Tz shilings.

  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Aika we are together in this…send me details of transfer

  10. judith massawe
    judith massawe at | | Reply

    sorry.i did not write my name.
    judith massawe

  11. modest lyimo
    modest lyimo at | | Reply

    Hongera dada Aikande kwa kuona umuhimu wa kufanya hivyo, Mungu akutangungulie ili uweze kufanikisha malengo yako uliokusudia.

    1. Thomas
      Thomas at | | Reply

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    2. Mustafa
      Mustafa at | | Reply

      www dot roomvues dot com (crazy y!a won’t let me post the acutal link.You can upload a photo of your house to the makeover gallery and ask them to photoshop it with whatever colors you’re considering.

  12. edwin mafuwe
    edwin mafuwe at | | Reply

    dada plan yako ni nzuri sana mungu akubariki sana nitaongea na hendry mafuwe tuangalie tunaku suport

  13. Gabriella
    Gabriella at | | Reply

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  14. Wilfred Tarimo
    Wilfred Tarimo at | | Reply

    Dada Aikande ungeweka hata Namba za M-Pesa ili tuweze kutuma.Mungu Yesu akubariki kwa kazi nzuri.

    1. Aikande
      Aikande at | | Reply

      Nashukuru sana kaka Wilfred. Nakuandikia email sasa hivi.

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