Current Research

My academic and consultancy research interests revolve around politics, policy, religion and development related issues.

At the moment I am involved in three major research projects:

  1. Social Media as an alternative space for political change – the case of Tanzania. This research tries to examine to what extent does social media provide space for political expression and opposition in Tanzania.

    The proliferation of mobile phones in Tanzania has facilitated expanded use of social media-including for political expressions

  2.  Traditional management of local resources. This research looks at how rural communities in Kilimanjaro manages water resources amidst policy changes and subsequent government interference. It explores and examines traditional management of water furrows and how that is changing. The question asked is : How and when does Government display its authority? – studying the case of kin-based management of  traditional furrows in rural Kilimanjaro 

    A local elder putting traditional blocks to manage and control water distribution as per the rota. Machame

  3. Political Parties

I am one of the researchers in the Political Parties in Africa research focusing on Tanzania. See here.

I do systematic observation of political party branding – focusing on CCM (the ruling party in Tanzania). This is an extension of my 5 years old study on #PoliticsOfImage