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Series 10: #ElectionsInTanzania2015: On Ideological Vacuum and Politics of Image in the ongoing elections campaigns in Tanzania

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to speak in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to members of the UK Parliament All Party Group (APPG) on Tanzania and of British Tanzania Society. The panel, which included Ben Taylor (the famous mtega) and I was chaired by the Chair of the APPG, Hon. Jeremy Lefroy, MP for Staffordshire.

In this post, I am putting forth a summary and an outline of some of the points that I expounded on. Continue reading

Series 1 #ElectionsTanzania2015: On the impact of #CCM revealed elections timetable and the need to think like dolphins!

The May 2015 National Geographic Issue has an interesting article “Thinking Like A Dolphin” written by Joshua Foer (the author of Moonwalking with Einstein). The article introduces us to the large brain capacity of dolphins displayed in their unique vocalisations and characteristics. Indeed as the title of the article goes, there are some areas that we need to think like dolphins. These areas are very relevant to our country-Tanzania- as we Continue reading