African Politics

On #WeaponizationOfInformation

I have written on the New Security Agenda here and the need for African countries to conceptualize security on this basis that is also famously (in academia) known as Copenhagen School of Thought. I once argued that Tanzania should securitize education– when secondary failing rates were alarmingly high. Without wasting much words,  the New Security Agenda goes beyond tradition security… Read more →

#EAC – Reflections on the Community…

Interesting manifestations have happened this week regarding the East African Community. On Monday, 13th, I was lucky to attend a hearing on application of a case against members of EAC on EU/EPA negotiations and signing. The case was heard in the East African Court of Justice by three judges. The table was composed of respondents who were the representatives from all… Read more →

50 years after the #ArushaDeclaration…reflections and an advice to CCM Members of Parliament #Tanzania

In 1967 Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania, announced the Arusha Declaration, a socio-political-economy ideology to guide the country. The Declaration was an independent and critical well thought ideology for a poor, relatively young independent state. It was consistent, coherent, and robust in its argument on self-reliance. Of course, like many ideologies, the Arusha Declaration faced major… Read more →

Series 1: #Tanzania: #ACandleOnKilimanjaro – sending rays of a true story of Africa Rising?

Ok, while the #WhatWouldMagufuliDo dust is settling…and the “Maguphoria” is inhabiting in Tanzanians’ minds, I feel like sharing something too. This is also the start of a new series I am going to have on the uniqueness of Tanzania as a country- based on its vision. In 1958, Nyerere envisioned Tanzania as a “Candle on Kilimanjaro”