A peep on my Diary…. #TheDiaryOfAMadPartyGirl

One of my favourite songs is Diary by Alicia Keys. And some of the books that I’ve enjoyed the most are those based on diaries. The top ones being  ‘The Diaries of Chris Mullin’. My dad’s diaries of 30 years + ago that I happened to come across sometimes ago are a powerful testimony of fatherly love to her daughters…full of plans and sacrifices. A history. An evidence of who I am today even with my major weaknesses…! Well, something is powerful about diary.  Knowing this has created a discipline in me to keep diaries. In total, I keep 3. One is for daily work, planning, appointments, etc. The second one is daily reflection, which I write just before I sleep. The third one is what I call #TheDiaryOfAMadPartyGirl, where I write what I cannot post on my blog. These two, I hope one day (it will need a sabbatical), to turn them into a fiction novel…with inspiration from Chimamanda’s writing. That is because they reflect a political tapestry with different threads of emotions, feelings, joy, faith, hurts, work, disappointments, tears, smiles, success, failures, blessings, friendships, relationships, enmity, love, etc.

So why do I write this today and post it? Well, it’s because a tweet couldn’t be enough to capture my relief! This weekend. I was relieved from a little less than 4 months of feelings of betrayal and disappointments! Well, I thank God that by his grace I’ve been able to get through them and all through I’ve performed very well in my research and consultancy assignments! The feedback from all my submissions have been excellent, and even with the heavy burden in my heart, good news have been flowing from every corner plus so much love from family and true friends. Indeed, I save a true God who is full of compassion, love, and mercy. I am a sinful person who doesn’t even deserve to mention the name God, yet He is still merciful to me!

Well, so today after submitting a report that was due…I opened my third diary! I thought I want to enter something but found myself going through the older entries…what a mess! That was my reflex! My soul and brain debated whether to delete them entries or to keep them…! I decided to keep them…I don’t know whether it’s the brain or soul that won!! But well, I know they will one day be a testimony. They reminded me of Matthew 11:28! Thank you Lord for carrying all of our burdens, some of them are really unbearable…Indeed Jesus has lifted off that entire burden from me!

My heart is free, and the Saturday entry was pleasant!…and so was the Sunday, and Monday…and I pray and believe that it will continue to be so….

This is a testimony…! But I also want to encourage everyone who is reading here to keep a diary! Write whatever…it’s your ‘best friend’, a place where you can express your heart in writing!  It’s also a history!  A diary captures all…

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