Tanzania: A Candle

Series 1 #ElectionsTanzania2015: On the impact of #CCM revealed elections timetable and the need to think like dolphins!

The May 2015 National Geographic Issue has an interesting article “Thinking Like A Dolphin” written by Joshua Foer (the author of Moonwalking with Einstein). The article introduces us to the large brain capacity of dolphins displayed in their unique vocalisations and characteristics. Indeed as the title of the article goes, there are some areas that we need to think like… Read more →

Goodbye Two-Party System in #UK!

While teaching about the “Methods of Agreement” last week in my Politics and IR Research Methods class, one of the comparative examples that I wished to give to my students was the shared effective “Two-Party System” in USA and UK despite the many differences these two countries have. But I then remembered

A turbulent path towards Competitive Party System – Has Nigeria finally arrived? What about Africa?

My friend, Rahime, called me late last night all the way from Turkey. She wanted to discuss exam questions she has set on Foreign Policy Crisis before submitting them to the University Examination Board this morning. Earlier in the day she had given me lots of insight and assistance for my soon to be teaching modules – International Relations Theories;… Read more →

Thinking of the CANDIDATE through the eyes of #Nigerian #Elections2015

“I get a feeling sometimes that some of these candidates were just locked in their wardrobes and they were told: ‘Just take selfies in there and don’t come out until you’ve finished the entire wardrobe.’ All kinds of postures. Just ridiculous. It has been an embarrassing exercise in terms of electioneering.” – Wole Soyinka! The previous post looked at the… Read more →